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Are you a building owner or operator aspiring to improve the value of your asset? Are you passionate about mitigating climate change? Is your company developing solutions for smarter buildings? Do you advocate for any of our five pillars of action? If the answer is yes to any of these, please join us on this journey to make buildings smarter.

Join the Coalition for Smarter Buildings if you want to:

  • Make a difference about the impact of buildings on our planet.

  • Increase the value, sustainability, and productivity of your buildings.

  • Grow your smarter building business.

  • Build an engaging career in an exciting, emerging industry.

  • Help develop the public policies and messages that show a creative way forward for our built environment.

  • Help shape the future. Yours. And all of ours.


  • Help you make sense of all the smarter building options that can make a difference for your buildings.

  • Help you procure a smarter building solution that’s right for your building(s).

  • Keep you in the know on smarter building policy.

  • Provide a platform to focus and amplify your voice and message supporting a smarter smart building industry.

  • Help you grow your smarter building business.

  • Help you grow your smarter building career.

The Coalition offers members these benefits through updates and activities that include:

  • A monthly briefing calls on policy, resource development, and project opportunities

  • Regular email updates 

  • Participation at Coalition policy events in Washington DC and state capitals 

  • Guidance on how to impact state and local government bodies

  • Early access to Coalition work products, such as project templates, specifications, and policy recommendations.

  • Opportunity to be involved with smarter building projects

  • Opportunity to host in-person and virtual events


  • Contribute your time, expertise, and enthusiasm: Join a working committee. Host a local event. Share your experience with policymakers, students, or trainees. Write an opinion piece. Share what you know.

  • Make your building(s) smarter: Follow Coalition principles and specifications. Hire Coalition member companies. Tell your tenants, your vendors, your policymakers, and the public that your building is smarter because of C4SB.

  • Spread the word: Promote C4SB pillars locally and nationally. Follow C4SB on social media. Share C4SB resources with colleagues and customers.

  • Mentor someone. Yes: You. Find someone who wants to learn more and take them under your wing. Building our workforce is all of our responsibility, and there is no better teacher than someone doing this every day: You.

  • Contribute funding: Progress ain’t cheap. Contribute via membership dues. Sponsor an event or a Coalition program.


Becoming a Coalition member is the best way to influence and derive maximum benefits from the Coalition’s activities in defining and executing policy changes at the federal, state, and local levels.

Company members are listed alphabetically on the Members page of the Coalition website, including the company logo, profile information, and links to the company website. Companies can nominate two individuals to be listed on the Contributor page of the website.


Individual members of the Coalition make the core agents for transformation and advocate for change in their field of work or studies.

Individuals are listed alphabetically on the Contributor page of the Coalition website, along with affiliation and links to their LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Students are those currently enrolled in school (high school, 2- or 4-year college or university, or industry training programs) full- or part-time.


Partner organizations are nonprofit and government organizations that share the goals and objectives of the Coalition and wish to collaborate with the Coalition on the development, marketing, and execution of smarter building initiatives. There are no fees for nonprofit partners or governmental organizations.

Partner organizations are listed alphabetically on the Member page of the Coalition website including the Partner logo, profile information, and links to the Partner’s website. Partners can nominate two individuals to be listed on the Contributor page of the website.

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